Senior Pastor

I was very blessed to be raised by parents that loved God, loved me and taught me to love God.  When I was 16 years old I came to the realization that I had "joined the church" but I had never "surrendered my life" to Jesus Christ.  That very day I turned my life over to Jesus Christ and asked Him to save me from my sin and be the Lord of my life. From that day forward I have had a peace in both mind and soul.  I surrendered to God’s call to the ministry at age 18.

Assc. Pastor/Youth Minister

I accepted Jesus when I was 9 because of a power band we had made in Sunday school.  I was given a prayer that went with it and I said that prayer one night as I lay in bed.  I was so proud, that I got up and told my parents. When I read the prayer to them, my dad asked me what it meant…I was dumbfounded.  The next night, my dad took me out for a guy’s night.  We went all over town and he explained to me what that prayer meant.  He explained to me about the beautiful Gospel of Jesus.  What I had known for years became a reality to me that night.

Children’s Minister

I was 8 years old when I accepted Christ at GA camp in Palacios, Texas, during one of the evening services.  Karen was the counselor I talked to.  She was a cheerleader at the high school and I remember being amazed that God could use young people to lead others to Christ. Since then I have attended Preteen Camp as a counselor for several years, as an adult. The affect camp had on my life was life-changing and I look forward to camp each year for the opportunity to impact children's lives for Christ.