Senior Pastor

I was very blessed to be raised by parents that loved God, loved me and taught me to love God.  When I was 16 years old I came to the realization that I had "joined the church" but I had never "surrendered my life" to Jesus Christ.  That very day I turned my life over to Jesus Christ and asked Him to save me from my sin and be the Lord of my life. From that day forward I have had a peace in both mind and soul.  I surrendered to God’s call to the ministry at age 18.

Assoc Pastor & Youth

I accepted Jesus when I was 9 because of a power band we had made in Sunday school.  I was given a prayer that went with it and I said that prayer one night as I lay in bed.  I was so proud, that I got up and told my parents. When I read the prayer to them, my dad asked me what it meant…I was dumbfounded.  The next night, my dad took me out for a guy’s night.  We went all over town and he explained to me what that prayer meant.  He explained to me about the beautiful Gospel of Jesus.  What I had known for years became a reality to me that night.

Music Minister

I came to trust in Christ when I was a young boy around the end of 4th grade. My family had experienced a tragic circumstance that would change all of us. My father was put on trial for terrible crimes and convicted. I didn’t know how to handle such devastation, but my mother had recently accepted Christ as her savior and was telling us about it. One night, while I cried in my room, I put my faith in Jesus. From that point on, Christ showed me how to deal with the situations in my life with forgiveness and grace because that’s what he gave me in forgiving my own sins. My father was later exonerated of all crimes and through a miracle of God, my family experienced even more forgiveness.

Children’s Minister

I was 8 years old when I accepted Christ at GA camp in Palacios, Texas, during one of the evening services.  Karen was the counselor I talked to.  She was a cheerleader at the high school and I remember being amazed that God could use young people to lead others to Christ. Since then I have attended Preteen Camp as a counselor for several years, as an adult. The affect camp had on my life was life-changing and I look forward to camp each year for the opportunity to impact children's lives for Christ.